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There is a place where thousands of men, women, and children wear footwear that is not fit for purpose. And at least 280,000 homeless people (10,000 living on the streets) have no shoes or shoes that are falling to pieces, and that place is the UK. Shoe Aid a national charity based here in the UK who source and supply free footwear through a collection and distribution network, so no child or adult need go without shoes

The Problem is Serious – Over 2 million shoes are thrown into landfill every week. On average, one pair of shoes takes upwards of one thousand years to biodegrade (synthetic fibres and textiles. Shoe Aid is helping to avoid an environmental disaster for shoe manufacturers and distributors; in the same way super-markets are currently getting blamed for food waste.” Shoe aid is tackling the problem, we have provided education to over 25,000 people in more than one thousand organisations on the importance of recycling and repurposing footwear. At the same time distributing tens of thousands of shoes to over fifteen countries around the world. “Shoe Aid are reducing the number of shoes being thrown away into landfill by increasing shoe donations through supporters of the charity with collection points.

We work with a number of retail brands, who provide new footwear, end of line footwear, samples and once worn footwear. Shoe Aid then proactively finds charities, social and community enterprises to donate footwear items, from school shoes to everyday shoes for everyday wear.

Shoe Aid relies on footwear donations to deliver its service to those in need. We ensure all our footwear is ‘Fit for Purpose’ and donate new and used items ‘Free of Charge.’ Whilst the service is ‘Free’ Shoe Aid is not free to operate.

Poverty of any kind is not voluntary, part-time or weekends only, Shoe Aid has volunteers who help sort and clean donated footwear in readiness. However, to help more people and organisations – Shoe Aid needs to operate ‘Full Time’to meet the needs and demands of men, women, children, and families who do not have suitable footwear to part in everyday life.

A young boy/girl cannot join their friends at the local football team because have not got a pair of football boots and their family cannot afford any. Their parents seek help through a charity linked to Shoe Aid and receive a pair of boots for their child. They now play football, they are a star player and smile ear to ear, one day they may turn out to be a football legend, without a donation would this be possible?’

A group of students at a modern secondary school from disadvantaged backgrounds are given outdoor boots/shoes to take part in a national student scheme – walking, climbing, hiking and other outdoor activities. They all make new friends and gain a life-changing experience, all possible with a donation.

Man or Woman given a pair of smart formal shoes to attend an interview – feeling a sense of normal, their confidence is boosted, they get the Job, life changes. Possible with a single pair of shoes donated by Shoe Aid.

A child attending school can now wear shoes that no longer have holes, leak or are worn out, a feeling of inclusion without bullying or ridicule. Every item of footwear that Shoe Aid collects and donates can change lives, not just now but in the future too.

Finally, repurposing unused or used footwear has a positive impact on the environment – less waste, less footwear ending up at landfill and taking anywhere from 50 years to one thousand years due to materials to bio-degrade.

We are Shoe Aid – making a DIFFERENCE and changing LIVES We would like to ask for your help if we can, and continue to tackle footwear poverty.

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