We believe that it is wrong that millions of unwanted shoes end up in landfill, almost 2 million every week.

This is as much an environmental disaster as it is a tragic waste. It’s wrong that thousands of men, women and children wear shoes that are likely not fit for purpose, are damaging to foot health, academic potential and self-esteem, not just now, but later in life.

It is wrong that 200,000 homeless people may not have access to warm sturdy or functional footwear. As a result, 10,000 of those people who sleep on the streets may have trench foot which still exists on the streets of the UK. We cannot continue to ignore the problem. It’s solvable and that is why Shoe Aid was created.

We are asking for people to donate something which we all have at home and no longer use or need.

There are collection boxes at many locations throughout the UK, Birmingham, Leicester, London, Huddersfield, Manchester, Lincoln, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham making it easier for people to donate shoes “Fit for Purpose”

Shoe Aid collects and redistributes unused and unwanted footwear throughout the UK and World. It also educates on the importance of recycling and re-using old, unwanted footwear.

We also work with some of the major retail and commercial footwear suppliers and manufacturers in the UK reducing the environmental waste crisis by redistributing footwear to those most in need.

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