Our Services

Shoe Aid is a unique charity in that we work proactively with other community, social and educational groups and provide footwear ‘Fit for Purpose’ and free of charge. There is no charge to use Shoe Aid.

We are a not for profit charity so we have to find our funding from other means, grants and charitable donations. Anyone can donate to support Shoe Aid’s work and can do so through PayPal, Facebook, text and directly through our website. The more shoes we are able to donate the more we can make a DIFFERENCE and change LIVES.

Shoe Aid is STEPPING UP to footwear poverty not only here in the UK but also the world.

How can Shoe Aid help you?

If you are a school/college or other educational establishment and have pupil premium students who do not have functional footwear, footwear not suitable for everyday wear and want to support them, then you should contact us. Not only school footwear but footwear for everyday use. It might be trainers/pumps so that they can take part in school activities. Wellingtons or outdoor shoes to go on school trips, shoes for that all-important Prom, we want every young person/child to have the opportunity to take part and feel inclusive. Shoe Aid will do everything it can to provide footwear ‘Fit for Purpose’

A social enterprise, community group, refugee forum, homeless charity or indeed any other charity helping people live a normal inclusive life, footwear to so that they can take part In leisure activities, going to work, enjoying a night out with friends, then contact Shoe Aid.

To get help from Shoe Aid and request footwear for any purpose please provide the following information to request@shoeaid.co.uk

Your name

Your Organisation details (School, Charity, Social or Community Group)

Contact details (Address and contact phone number)

A list of footwear items you would like help with including sizes and whether they are for a male, female, or child.

Shoe Aid will respond with details of how we can help and how quickly we can get items to you. It is important that you provide details of your organisation. Unfortunately we do not make donations directly to the public. If you are struggling and need help please contact a support/community group and they will get in touch with Shoe Aid and we can organise a donation of footwear.

We currently provide a range of footwear items:

Trainers, Football Boots, Walking and Outdoor shoes/boots, Wellingtons (Men’s, Ladies and Children), Safety Footwear (Men’s and Women’s), Men’s functional shoes, ladies functional shoes, Children’s school shoes, Children’s outdoor shoes, Children’s functional everyday shoes, slippers, flip flops, anything that is footwear related, we even have a stock of roller blades, ice skates, horse riding boots.

*Shoe Aid provides its services ‘free of charge’ however, it’s not free to run Shoe Aid and we ask organisations to consider a voluntary financial contribution towards admin and distribution costs for using the service.

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