We were all attracted to Shoe Aid when we saw the passion and commitment of our CEO and Founder Lee Todd.

He demonstrated everything to do with footwear, his desire to reduce waste and improve the recycling of footwear not only the UK but also the Globe to those who need it the most.

Lee Todd 

Founder and CEO

Lee has over 30 years’ experience in the footwear industry, starting as a sales assistant for the British Shoe Corporation before becoming the youngest manager in British Shoe History at only Seventeen.

He has worked with many high street retailers as a Store Manager, Trouble Shooter and Area Manager.

Simon Wright

Head of IT

Simon has over 15 years experience of working in the IT Industry across different sectors.

He has his own successful IT consulting business supplying services to a wide range of businesses and has been friends with the CEO for over 25 years

Andy Hughes

Head of Marketing

Andy is a marketing and sales innovator with over 30 years’ experience engaging sales and marketing concepts which create global business opportunities and recognition.

He has several business firsts to his name in many market sectors by introducing visionary strategies.

Chris Minogue

Head of Logistics

Chris has over 30 years’ experience in warehousing, logistics and e-commerce.

He will be working with the in-house team and helping out with its operation, providing guidance and experience.

Deb Todd

Head of Events

In a previous life Deb was a hairdresser for more than twenty years. When my girls started school I decided to train as a teaching assistant and have worked in education for the last 16 years. Despite working in an affluent village school of only 183 pupils I could still name 13 children in desperate need of school shoes.

We can always find a jumper, trousers, underwear even a coat but we can never offer a pair of school shoes. Occasionally pumps or wellies are donated but never shoes so I can only guess what other schools situations must be. I am very proud to be part of this amazing charity and helping children and adults with their footwear needs.

Baasit Siddiqui

Head of Education

Baasit Siddiqui is the managing director of Siddiqui Education Ltd.

He has combined his ten years teaching experiences with his unique journey and television connections as one of the “Siddiqui’s” on the BAFTA and NTA winning television show “Gogglebox”.

As a former head of department and having witnessed the changes and challenges facing state schools over the last decade, Baasit is committed to give students a unique and inspiring education. An education which helps develop a whole host of transferable skills which can be used to support students as they progress through their educational journey.

Throughout his time being an educator, entertainer and entrepreneur, Baasit has developed his skill set and built a strong foundation of support from collaborators equally as committed in supporting disadvantaged students. He has also developed his strategies for supporting these students to get the best out of them.

Baasit is keen to celebrate these strategies, but also the creative work being done by students across the nation and the businesses and institutions working hard to support the nation’s children who need it most. 

One of the main workshops that Baasit delivers across the nation is “Let’s Pitch It”. The aim of the workshop is to engage disadvantaged students in building their collaborative, communication, research, digital and presentation skills to research plan and pitch an idea for a new television show. “Let’s Pitch It”, is a national competition with content used within the scheme of work which has been created based on advice from television executives with over thirty years of experience in the television industry.