When we live in times where children attend school in footwear which would leave most of us with a feeling of horror, Shoe Aid is STEPPING UP. Shoe Aid is working with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, schools and organisations to provide a solution, making a DIFFERENCE and changing LIVES. But we can still do more, if you or your company, school, college or university, community enterprise would like to STEP UP for Shoe Aid why not get in touch, organise a collection or donate your surplus or returned stock. As well as bringing some cheer, comfort and warming smiles by providing footwear, Shoe Aid is helping to minimise the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of footwear waste sent to landfill. The pictures are real shoes worn by real young people attending school somewhere in the UK, for reasons they probably have very little control over. Make a DIFFERENCE, change a LIFE and STEP UP for Shoe Aid TODAY.

To continue to support those in need and cover the costs of distributing footwear we have set up a PayPal account to accept donations which will support Shoe Aid and help with the fight against footwear poverty and have a positive impact on waste and the environment.

To donate items of footwear to Shoe Aid we are working with a number of businesses to provide donation boxes where you can take you old times of footwear. We ask where possible that all items of footwear collected are ‘Fit for Purpose’ as in they are not overly damaged don’t have holes or could cause distress or injury, basically can be comfortably worn again

We also have collection/donation shoe boxes located within retail stores throughout the UK Birmingham, Leicester, London, Huddersfield, Manchester, Lincoln, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham (this continues to grow) that are partners, sponsors, supporters or donators to Shoe Aid.

Shoe Bin Locations