Our STEPTEMBER Fundraiser Launched, Stepping UP

Our September fundraising campaign STEPTEMBER has officially launched, this year there are four Tuesdays (SHOESDAYS) where you can raise awareness and funds to support Shoe Aid in combatting Footwear Poverty here in the UK.

There is a place where thousands of men, women, and children wear footwear that is not fit for purpose. And at least 280,000 homeless people (10,000 living on the streets) have no shoes or shoes that are falling to pieces, and that place is the UK.

In September 2022 Shoe Aid will once again by launching STEPTEMBER. We want to raise the issue of footwear poverty and get people to focus on the challenges and impact it has. In September this year, there are four Tuesdays (we are calling these days SHOESDAYS), each of these days we are asking people to organise events to raise funds to help combat footwear poverty,  that’s four opportunities to take part, everyone can take part in one or all of the days.

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