Kuala Lumpur Overview Essay (Critical Writing)

Kuala Lumpur Overview Essay (Critical Writing)

Kuala Lumpur is a region in Malaysia, which is a good example of urban dynamics. edubirdie prices The population growth of the Kuala Lumpur region varies from the core of the city to the suburbs. The population growth in the core of the city is extremely high and is approximated to have doubled between 1980 census and 2000 census.


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By the year 2010, the increase in population had tripled that of the year 1980. There is a great difference in percentage growth in the suburbs and in the core of the city. As much as there is a high population growth in the core, the growth of the population in the suburbs has been more rapid, nearly six times that of the city. At the current growth rate of the region, the population could approach 10 million by 2025 (Bindloss & Brash, 2008).

The Kuala Lumpur area is vast and experiences continuous development. According to Dorai (2007), it ranks as the 49 th largest urban area in the world. edubirdle With a population of 6.6million (estimate) on 750 square miles, the population density of the urban area is 8,800 per square mile. Its population density is higher in the city than in the suburbs, but as a whole, the region’s density lies in the same https://www.chegg.com/homework-help/questions-and-answers/edubirdie-legit-people-find-edubirdiecom-illegal-edubirdiecom-helps-students-writing-refer-q39514965 class as the Western European urban areas.

Economically, Kuala Lumpur is an affluent region according to the reviewcentre.com developing world standards. Based on the purchasing power, it has a high gross domestic product per capita annually, which is higher than most Latin America metropolitan economies. Employment in the region is concentrated in exterior region of the central business district and according to King and Australia (2008), there is an expectation in percentage increase as that of the central business district deteriorates.

The region’s transportation has developed greatly as the region’s basic mode of transportation is personal means, cars and motorcycles. uk edu birdie essays This has not inhibited the development of mass means of transport. The development of metro lines, a monorail and commuter rail line is clear in the region.

Its transit system is a reflection of the high income it earns. However, Kuala Lumpur is highly dependent on transit as compared to most US metropolitan areas. The transport system is extensively networked with expressways that include tunnels. For example, there is the SMART tunnel that functions for both vehicles and storm water in case of flooding. They close the tunnel to vehicles when a serious flood occurs (Dorai, 2007). eu birdie This greatly demonstrates that the level of growth the region of Kuala Lumpur has increased.

Unlike many regions that destroy their environments so as to pave way for urbanization, this region has remained green despite its high level of urbanization. The retained green areas of the region are clearer in the residential area where the houses are not very close to each other. The central business district is also substantially green, considering it is a business district. The location of the Kuala Lumpur is an added advantage to the green environment. It is located in a densely forested tropical region (Dorai, 2007).


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This is a region to which any and every developing nation would look up to. A great percentage people in the world, work towards what the common people of Kuala Lumpur have already achieved. The perception is that the region has a very bright future, and it is obvious no one can dispute that. uk.edubirdie reliable As the urban area expands in population and land area, so does the prosperity of its inhabitants rise and give the world a target to strive towards.


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