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There is a place where thousands of men, women, and children wear footwear that is not fit for purpose. And at least 280,000 homeless people (10,000 living on the streets) have no shoes or shoes that are falling to pieces, and that place is the UK.

Shoe Aid a national charity based here in the UK who source and supply free footwear through a collection and distribution network, so no child or adult need go without shoes.

Our mission is to tackle footwear poverty.

Shoe Aid has a positive impact on the environment as we re-distribute footwear rather than it ends up at landfill – this is a positive message we aim to communicate.

Your school can take part in a project to collect footwear for shoe aid to use in the fight against footwear poverty. We have downloadable posters to use throughout your school, if you want to personalise them then please let us know. Once you have collected footwear let us know and we will arrange for the items to be collected.

We have a lot of schools that have and already collect footwear for shoe aid. Please also note that schools can access shoe aid for donations of footwear for students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds and families on low incomes and struggling.

We ask where possible that all items of footwear collected are ‘Fit for Purpose’ as in they are not overly damaged have holes or could cause distress or injury, basically can be comfortably worn again.

Shoe Aid asks schools to consider donations of £1 when donating shoes (any number of shoes as long as they are all fit for purpose) which helps towards the operational costs of shoe aid. The charity currently isn’t funded, we raise funds through projects like STEPTEMBER (regional as well as national) so we can continue to support men, women and children throughout the UK through your generosity and support. Please note all fundraising is voluntary and will never be compulsory, we hope that everyone sees the value in the work that we do, making a DIFFERENCE and changing LIVES.


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