COVID-19 in the UK are not recorded growth of illegal gambling operators Operations

COVID-19 in the UK are not recorded growth of illegal gambling operators Operations

According to the Gambling Commission of the country, in the UK there have been no signs of a sharp rise in the number of complaints about the illegal gambling market representatives. Analyzed period covering the start quarantine associated coronavirus pandemic.

 According to data provided by the gaming control of the country in March, it was filed 12 complaints against the operators providing their services without a legitimate reason. Another 11 complaints were filed in April of this year. In the same month, users complained nine times in 20 different online platforms.

 Note that the data on the impact of online gambling market to users in the quarantine period given gambling regulator, published in our dedicated article.

 In addition, the Commission noted that the overall number of complaints remained at the same level as in the last 12 months. An abnormally large number of complaints was only in January this year. Then address the gambling regulator received 31 application for blocking.

 According to the content of consumer complaints filed over the past year, the main cause for concern was the unauthorized provision of gambling services to the British. Only 85 such applications were received.

 Another 24 complaints have been filed with respect to the fact that people can not be won by the output means. The reason for a further 19 complaints became illegal advertisement of illegal operators. Another 12 sites claimed that operate under license by the UK Gambling Commission, despite the fact that this is not true.

 In addition, the problem of the complaints also was to obtain refusal of payment of funds, ignoring the self-exclusion programs and the availability of sites for underage users.

 At the same time representatives of the gambling regulator said that their findings do not show an increase in transactions in the shadow gambling business segment in the quarantine period because of the pandemic COVID-19.

 Executive Director of the Commission Richard Watson added that this is an area that is strictly controlled by the Ministry. Investigations are conducted when it detects problems with stakeholders – software vendors, billing and hosting companies.

 Chapter gambling regulator added that the tracking of the region in the Commission has a dedicated team.

 Recall that from the beginning of the quarantine UK gambling regulator unveiled guidelines for licensees market, more on this – here.

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